Thanks everyone hope you all have a good two weeks in New Olreans...

That is if you are indeed going to the gathering. Continue recruiting this group is an idea that can only become a reality when we hit 1000 members. Unless of course someone else wants to take the reigns of this group.

please continue to recruit

This group will not go public until we reach 1000 members and that can only happen when we reach 1000 members. please find all rostered leaders. PJ

half time campus pastor/half time youth pastor

Black Hills Lutheran Campus Ministry is looking for a half time pastor with a drive to become a full time campus pastor. We need an emerging church leader who can work with diverse groups of people. Black Hills State University Lutheran Campus Ministry is new…Read More

for this to be more than an idea...

We need more people. There are 19,000 rostered leaders in the elca so if this group is to continue we need 885 more leaders to start something real. So invite as many as you can, stay away from Bishop's and Staff but invite and lets see what happens with this…Read More

One more thought...

I have also found that snail mail works. Be careful who you invite or write to for some folks might think this a plan of the devil. We don't want money now, or need it at this point, we just want numbers. I do need help with continuity of the positions…Read More

The goal is to have 1000 members before we actually do anything

The goal is to have 1000 members before we actually do anything. We have roots now but we need to continue to grow in numbers and that only happens with each of you. Great Thanks to all who have recruited more than 5 folks. All pastors are connected to the…Read More

Add me as a friend

Find ways to connect to the different rostered leaders. I make everyone an admin so we can honestly make appropriate changes to what this group looks like. If you make a change email everyone with that change and if you have strong objections make your voice…Read More
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