SIGN the Sandy Hook Global Sympathy Card

Your voice and prayers are needed fam! We can put a halt to the killing of OUR kids, if WE speak UP and OUT!

June is fast approaching...

Brothers and Sisters June is fast approaching and here in the City of Pittsburgh we will be celebrating June as the month of Peace and Reconciliation where it all began. We still need your letters of support and recruitment efforts to make this a National and…Read More

Thank you all for the support!

We are always seeking way to become better stewards and more proactive in reaching out and passing on positive and empowering signals and real talk with our people in the field, and we don't hide behind desks, our mission is 95% outreach inthe field where we…Read More

Operation Save One and Peace 4/30

We need your support in the form of letters and donations. More specifically we need your letters of support... You can send letters to Operation Save One Po Box 382, Pgh Pa 15136. We also recommend that you write your Senator and/or Congressman/woman, the…Read More
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