Save Our Past

Hello all, I highly encourage all of you to vote for the organization SAFE ( in the Chase Community program. SAFE is an organization dedicated to spreading the word about cultural heritage and protecting our cultural treasures, like…Read More


Thank you all so much! This group has reached an astounding 900 members, which is an incredible acheivement! I ask that all of you take the time to sign the petition so that it can be sent out to the Cultural Minister and keep telling your friends about the…Read More

Petition Again

Hi everyone! If you have not already signed the petition, please do so! Thanks!

Saving Kashgar

Hi everyone! I've written a blog article on "Saving Kashgar". Please check it out and comment!

Great Blog

Please check out this blog focused on Chinese Archaeological Heritage. The author has written a lot on Kashgar.

Statement of Concern and Appeal for International Cooperation to Save Ancient Kashgar

Recently the organization Saving Antiquities for Everyone (SAFE), along with many other respected signatories signed a joint Statement of Concern to appeal to save Kashgar. This letter was sent to Mr. Francesco Bandarin, Director of UNESCO World Heritage…Read More

Web site

Hi everyone! Take a look at this web site dedicating to saving kashgar:
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