A Chanuka Message for members of the cause:)

THE CANDLE WITHIN Rabbi Avi Shafran It would make a good Chelm story. The resident philosopher sagely announces that since he can’t perceive his own face directly he must not have one. Besides, as anyone can plainly see, what seems to be his face clearly…Read More

question for members of our cause

 I would like to know what one thing you feel should be done to ensure the survival of the Jewish People....You've joined this cause because Judaism means something to you. I challenge you to tell me why it is important and what we as a group can do to help…Read More

post yom kippur musings and a suggestion

I must admit, I was dismayed when I logged on after Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year, to see how many members of the tribe logged on during the day....You see, my understanding of Yom Kippur is that on Rosh Hashana we have a court date and it is…Read More

get high on the High Holidays

Ever wonder how to get a High out of the High Holidays? http://highholidayservice.com/ is a great one stop shop for free Holiday services throughout the country. If you can't find a service in your community, shoot them an email and they'll help you. Tell 'em…Read More

important link added to our causes board...

please check the board for an important link to the solution to assimilation and how to ensure the survival of the Jewish People..... G-d has promised the Jewish people will never be destroyed....It is up to us to make sure we, our friends and family, are…Read More

Alan Alda, Sandra Bullock and the Jews

Preface: After I wrote this article, a few months ago, I heard a lecture making the observation that Jews are often rewarded or punished measure for measure. As such , the credit crunch and credit tightening , which reflects mans lack of faith in mans ability…Read More

Coming to Judaism--part 2

As promised here is part 2 let me know when u r ready for part 3:) Part 2 Occam’s Razor, once again, requires us to explain a fact or set of facts in the least complicated way. The darkening of the sky, for instance, might be a solar eclipse, and the…Read More
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