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UPDATE: Tyra overcome the last snag


Now, when in our country there is such an agitation from the ones loving animals and calling us continuously to signal us various cases and also from the ones who do not love them, we have to cope hard to these difficult situations especially because we still have animals who are sick and we administer them treatments, because it would be impossible to admit them in clinics, we could not afford such costs.
One of the bad cases if the dog Tyra who, after being through terrible situations ending up paralyzed, now, after many efforts from us and also from her, she succeeded to overcome this immobilization and to make her first steps, even if only on 3 legs. The last snag we had now, when we had to go for the tumor on her abdomen surgery and also for rods removal from her leg. Were difficult times for us and for her, she was looking at us an didn’t know why she has to go through such times again. We stood by her side at all time to encourage her, to tell her everything will be ok and that soon she’ll run happy with the other dogs here.
We ask you from our souls to help us cover the veterinary costs, to help us with publicity, to share by messenger an e-mail about our difficult situation, especially that now summer is over and we are about to have a very difficult winter. Thank you very much!
More photos with Tyra:

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