There still are wonderful people out there!

We often complain that people don't care, that they pass a suffering animal, or one hurt in an accident, without caring that their input could save a life, a life they probably don't value much. That's why we are so impressed by this HUMAN, in the real sense…Read More

The car serving the animals of APAM has broken down!

Please help us put it back on its wheels. We have great need for it. It is the car that has traveled thousands of km to take the dogs and cats to their families. It is the car that has covered thousands of km to carry food for the animals in the APAM…Read More

UPDATE HOPE Hope has taken a bit of water and picked a little at her food. She continues her intravenous treatments... Her prognosis is still uncertain, as we think positively, we are hopeful that she will be all right! __ Hope a baut un pic…Read More

She became a living mummy .........PLEASE share/help The images speak for themselves, we believe, but they CAN'T show the extent of the damage this little soul has suffered. No one knows the pain she's been through, or how long ago she was hit by a car. All we know is that she was left…Read More

Again another soul HIT BY A CAR, please please help/share

He was living his life in a market, where people threw him a bit of bread at times. At night, he took shelter under the market stands, or under a car parked in the market place. Yet, everything turned into a nightmare, when a car backed up and the poor dog…Read More

Please share/help

A poor soul born into this unfortunate world! A creature so perfect and innocent came into this world, while her mother left it for the other.... probably killed by poachers!! Giving a little helps a lot ! Paypal donation link :…Read More


Thank you, dr. Irina Milea, thank you, dr. Levente and Roxi and everyone who has supported us with their hearts or donations. Both of the last rescue dogs from the last days are better and better, for more photos:
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