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Again another soul HIT BY A CAR, please please help/share


He was living his life in a market, where people threw him a bit of bread at times. At night, he took shelter under the market stands, or under a car parked in the market place. Yet, everything turned into a nightmare, when a car backed up and the poor dog couldn't get out of the way. He was left there unable to move, while the heartless person who hit him abandoned him and went on with his life. A desperate call from a lady who worked at the market drew our attention, and we could not ignore the situation, although we are swamped with animals and problems of all kinds. The little dog's first surgery was successful, and now he is at the clinic, where he will have to undergo more surgery. We hope that in the end he will walk again.
Any help, however small, is very welcome, in order for us to cover the vet costs, and then bring him into the APAM sanctuary.THANK YOU SO MUCH


​AP​​AM​`s accounts: Organization Name: Asociatia de Protectie a Animalelor Minis RAIFFEISEN BANK - Agentia Lipova jud. Arad,Romania
ACCOUNT EURO: 891 0450 - IBAN: RO 04 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0450 - BIC: RZBRROBU
ACCOUNT IN USD : 891 0477 - IBAN:RO51 RZBR 0000 0600 0891 0477 - BIC: RZBRROBU
ACCOUNT IN LEI: RO 59 RZBR 0000 0600 0878 4912


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