Dogs, cats, hit by cars, beaten and mistreated by ''human beings'' again and again....we are totally overwhelmed and in difficulty to cope both emotionally and financially! Another little soul seriously hurt when a car ran over his legs NEEDS HELP! His sad…Read More


Blacky wishes to offer many thanks to Dr. Irina and Patrick, for helping him recover his health, and more than that, for turning him from a scared little dog (even aggressive from fear) into a happy, loving dog. THANK YOU. Blacky is awaiting his forever…Read More

A sick and orphaned kitty!!

Website: http://www.apam.ro "I am a most loving kitty, but right now I'm struggling with my health. APAM together with Dr. Irina and Patrick are taking care of me, and I will soon be well. Thank you so much for your love and care. I keep praying that someday…Read More


One dramatic situation after another...

Unfortunately, we are often unable to update you about each little creature we manage to save, or answer all emails and messages. So frequently there are dramatic cases coming up, as the one we've had today. A deeply sad situation that broke our hearts again.…Read More

PLEASE Help Tedy. Every Little Bit Counts!

Sick and Abandoned....

website: www.apam.ro She would still be a beautiful doggy, as she most certainly was in the beginning of her life, had those who threw her into the street without any remorse taken the time and effort to care for her and bring her to the vet. Yet,…Read More
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