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Your life-changing gift


I gave my sister a scarf last year. She said she loved it, but I’ve never seen her wear it… and I spent so much time figuring out what to get her. I’m sure you have a similar story. 

So this year, I’m giving something different – something that will definitely make her happy and will bring happiness to a woman, child, or family struggling to survive. 

Each time you send one of our holiday cards, you’re giving two fantastic gifts in one! Take your pick! (

I’m turning my holiday shopping budget into real change for the people who need it most, be it children in Haiti who depend on their daily school meal, or mothers in Ethiopia who can’t feed their families. And I’m crossing names off my gift list at the same time! 

There are nearly one billion people going to bed hungry tonight – that’s one billion reasons to give a card that saves lives. 

Each gift will provide meals and hope to those who need it most. (

Thank you for using the gift-giving season this year to give a new kind of present, one that will be deeply meaningful to both your loved ones, and to those less fortunate far away. 

Have a safe and happy holiday season! 

Jason Corum 

Online Communications Manager

World Food Program USA 

P.S. Want to skip the cards and make a year-end donation instead ( Our lifesaving work relies entirely on voluntary contributions and you are crucial to our efforts to help the world’s hungry. To donate offline via mail, click here ( 

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