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Haiti: The Future Starts Now

Dear Supporter,

I have just returned from Haiti, where I went to personally assess the situation on the ground, and to meet with those leading this incredible humanitarian relief operation. The depth of grief and the massive needs this earthquake has left in its wake were heart wrenching. Parts of the capital Port-au-Prince look worse than many war zones. What has unfolded is still an unbelievable reality for the people of Haiti.

This is the most complex relief operation the United Nations World Food Program (WFP) has ever launched. Haiti’s entire supply chain infrastructure has been devastated, and we have been faced with starting an operation from scratch. Our capacity to ramp up the operation is growing on a daily basis, and food is reaching people, even if we wish we could do more, quicker.

We have delivered nearly 10 million meals to people in the capital and outlying areas isolated by the earthquake. Our teams are pushing out food supplies as fast as we can to the worst affected people through five land, sea and air corridors, giving top priority to the most vulnerable, especially women and children.

None of us can count the human cost of this disaster, but generous action can help alleviate the suffering. For WFP to do its work, we’ll need support from people like you for many months to come, and will look to world leaders to assist Haiti at a level that no one had initially anticipated. Thank you for stepping forward so generously already - the people of Haiti need your continued support now more than ever.


Josette Sheeran
Executive Director
United Nations World Food Program 
on behalf of Friends of the World Food Program

Videos from Haiti:
Port-au-Prince on January 22, 2010: (
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