Revamp Efforts

Through this medium, a lot of money has been donated towards helping feed those in need, but the need is greater now than ever. If there is anything you can spare, please feel use the secure donation methods by In our perverse world food system,…Read More

Marie and millions more

Just one year ago we wrote to supporters like you with devastating news of a massive earthquake that had struck Haiti, leaving millions homeless and hungry. This was the start of a year full of challenges – but also, thanks to you, remarkable achievements.…Read More

Give Hope this Holiday Season

Happy Holidays from World Food Program USA! From the earthquake in Haiti to the floods in Pakistan, you’ve been on the front line of raising awareness and resources for the fight against hunger in 2010. We want to let you know that there are a couple of fun…Read More

Your life-changing gift

  Hello! I gave my sister a scarf last year. She said she loved it, but I’ve never seen her wear it… and I spent so much time figuring out what to get her. I’m sure you have a similar story.  So this year, I’m giving something different – something that…Read More

If you take this quiz

If you take this short hunger IQ test, a hungry child will receive a warm meal… and you’ll learn a few surprising hunger facts! Take the hunger IQ test, then challenge your friends: More

Haiti: Bracing for Hurricane Season

As the people of Haiti rebuild their lives after a devastating earthquake hit the country earlier this year, another threat looms on the horizon: hurricane season. While hurricanes spared the island nation last year, no one can say whether they’ll be spared…Read More

Haiti: The Future Starts Now

Dear Supporter, I have just returned from Haiti, where I went to personally assess the situation on the ground, and to meet with those leading this incredible humanitarian relief operation. The depth of grief and the massive needs this earthquake has left in…Read More
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