unite people under the family of anime

You must be an otaku. you must have some form of love for anime. you must belevie in the good of others. you must want to be friends with people at cons becuase you see people just like you. you must understand others and be happy meeting and making new friends. You must be willing to do things that others deem "weird" or "strange" cosplay in public and enjoy life. Grow and most important....

....you must want to help make people happy by making them beleive in you...beleive that you care.

I made this cause because i beleive in the good in people. that we all have the ability to look beyond the physical and to see teh true potential that each of us has inside. and once that potential is found to help each other expand and make it grow.

1. Unity of friends

2. Understanding of others

3. Growth through Self confidence