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My apologizes to everyone.

To all members of this Hawaiian Independence cause and members of other Independent entities, I dearly apologize for any misleading actions I may have created for this good cause. It is unfortunate, that FullOn Holdings operated by Mr. Richard Figureo is in legal action with the parties Mr. Kaina Yasuhara has mentioned earlier in his letter.

The truth will come forward. My hope was that these debts owed by FullOn Holdings as Mr. Kaina Yashuara mentioned be paid asap months ago.
But it was not. I hope everything gets resolved soon.

My association with FullOn Holdings has ceased since Oct 2009. I have moved on with my life.

What I have witness during the months when we first started was beautiful. To see so many people both Kanaka Maoli and non-Kanaka Maoli come together and embrace our culture and Aloha, while understanding the injustice done to Hawaii nei.

My values and believes are still the same, Independence of our Nation.

I wish everyone the very best. My support for Hawaiian Independence is stronger than ever.

Aloha no,
Robert M. Ebanez


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