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Please accept my sincere apologies

Apparently, I made a very unfortunate, and poor judgement in character by deciding to support the efforts of Mr. Richard Kamahele Figueroa and his company FullOn Holdings, Inc.. I sincerely apologize for this, and never meant to mislead ANYONE, especially my brother and sisters of the 'Aina. It was made very apparent and without doubt that Figueroa is as people have warned me, a scam artist and a fraud. Although I must say, while I was in his presence and under contract to him for certain events, he had never shown me this side of him, and had always put his money where his mouth was. I did personally see him bless some groups with big and small amounts of funding and other charitable donations. HOWEVER, now that has all changed, after he screwed so many innocent vendors out of monies owed to them for a concert they did on behalf of FullOn Holding, for the purpose of promoting Hawaiian Independence.
We are in process of a legal volley right now, and are fighting to get all the vendors and participants their well earned money.
I appeal to all of you to please help us with this by sending emails to Richard, and cc to the others on his list, and don't forget to cc me too, so I know what's being said and done. Mahalo nui loa.

Richard Figueroa ;
Cc: Dave McQueen ; Celine Figueroa ; Ted Lindauer ; Jim Peifer ; MINH LE ; David Robles ; Ignatius Low ; "Figueroa, Celine" ; Kalae KilinaLokeLani ; ashala ; [email protected]

Tell him to please pay his debts in Hawaii, and quit deceiving people of Hawaii. Tell him that's the reason why people of Hawaii will not listen or follow him. He used to always ask me that question. NOW I know the answer. Duh, sorry I was so blind and stubborn. When I believe in someone, I am All In, until I personally see different. Again I apologize for this, and apologize if I've cause any of you any grief or pain.
Those of you who can and will respond, please cc me in your email. OR, better yet, first send me your email and I will forward you the information I have that confirms this terrible man's situation before you write the email.
I am still in full support of making things pono for all Hawaiians, and all the people of Hawaii. We are all a Brotherhood of people, striving to live aloha. We must go on, in spite of those like him who have tried and failed to bring us down.
I will be taking this cause site off from facebook, but not until you who want to speak up have a chance to. Mahalo for your patience and for your true Aloha Spirit. Ke akua pu.

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