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Reality Documentary Clear Water Challenge 3

.Reality Documentary Clear Water Challenge 3

There is a group of people we almost never see in Curacao. It is like they are hidden. They are the disabled people in Curacao.
This is the group of people that WE as an island have to maintain because they are not able of taking care of theme selves.


My name is Ryan de Jongh. Knowing that all of us want a sweet life and most of us does have a sweet life. If you live in Curacao and you want to give a hand by attending to a unique live show performed by Children (Sonido Di Lama) and the Clear Water Challenge 3 reality Documentary, give me a call at 561-0813.

This show is not just fun but You will be a wiser person after the show, Guaranteed.

Your presence at the premiere will cover the meals of a group of disabled children for a year.
Could you please help spread the word so we can at least cover this year.

Have a great day and I will see you on the 23 of May at 7 o'clock at La Tentashon,

Ryan de Jongh

For tickets call Ryan de Jongh at 561-0813 โ€“ Naf. 50,- or
Claerity at 736-1634 and/or 511-1634.

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