To bring more Jewish culture, through music, to the Jewish communities of Cuba.

The Cuba Jewish Music Library (CJML) project is a grassroots initiative to help bring more Jewish culture, through music, to the Jewish communities of Cuba.

The CJML project was born out of the experience of Jewish musicians Sarah Aroeste and Roberto Rodriguez performing together for the Jewish communities of Havana in the fall of 2008. Their interaction with the vibrant and deeply committed Cuban Jewish communities made them take note of how minimal the exposure is to Jewish culture beyond the island. Aware of the exciting and wide range of Jewish music that now exists around the globe, Aroeste & Rodriguez are determined to help make this music available to the Jewish communities in Cuba.

The CJML project has already inaugurated 8 Jewish music collections in Cuba— three in Havana, and five in Camaguey, Cienfuegos, Guantanamo, Santa Clara, and Santiago.


Here are a few EASY ways you can get involved:

1) PLEASE DONATE TO THE CAUSE. It's an easy click from the right-hand side bar.

Donations will go towards increasing shipments to bring more supplies to the libraries, advancing the cataloging systems so the libraries can share resources, supporting an interactive website for the Cuban Jewish communities to take advantage of the libraries' full potential, providing music equipment for the libraries so the library communities can create their own Jewish music, sending shelving and signage, and more...

Donations are made through the Deep Listening Insitute, the CJML project's fiscal sponsor.

2) Help by supplying the libraries with music-- in all Jewish music genres (classical, folk, yiddish, klezmer, Sephardic, Mizrahi, Israeli, punk, rock, jazz, children's, avant garde, hip-hop, etc). We have already collected hundreds of CD's to start building up the libraries, but we always need more!

If you have any Jewish music CD's to donate, please send here:

Aroeste Music LLC
Attn: Cuba-Jewish Music Project
255 W. 108th St., #5B
New York, NY 10025

Please note: CD's can be used but must be in good condition. And we can only accept original copies; no burned CD's!

3) The project also needs used discmen or small portable CD players. In the age of mp3 players, have any old CD players you can spare? If so, please send to the address above!

4) Have an old laptop computer you don't know what to do with? Please consider donating to the project! Please contact us for more information on how the computers will be used.

5) Know of anyone going to Cuba in the next 2-6 months? If so, please contact us!

6) Help spread the word! Please post this info on your blogs, synagogue newsletters, tell you local Jewish newspaper, forward on to your friends, etc. We are happy to provide PR material.

7) Work for a Jewish organization or synagogue that is interested in partnering with us? We are developing programs for mitzvah/tzedaka projects and sponsorship/exchanges with one of the 8 CJML library communities. We also have short advocacy workshops/presentations on Cuban Jewish Life through music, film and discussion, presented by Sarah Aroeste & friends. Please contact us if interested in hearing more!

To any who are able to contribute to this project, a sincere thank you in advance for participating in this very special cultural initiative. And to those of you who already have, the collections are flourishing because of you! We look forward to updating you all on the progress of the project and the libraries in the coming months...and PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SPREAD THE WORD in the meantime!

1. Access to culture is a humanitarian necessity.

2. The Jews of Cuba make up a vibrant, beautiful community that is hungry to connect with Jewish culture.

3. We must do our part to ensure that Cuban Jews have access to the rich array of Jewish culture that exists.