Please join with us and encourage the nation, at least for a moment, to unite in 'A Christmas Candle of Hope'.

Forces Charity 'SOS' Support Our Soldiers
Christmas Candle of Hope Annual Appeal

2009 has been a particularly difficult year for the Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan, and for their families and friends at home.

At 2.00pm on Christmas Day we ask you to light a candle and to take just one minute to pause and think...

...of all our servicemen & women away from home, wherever in the world they may be and to hope for their speedy and safe return.

...of their families, apart at this special time, and to hope they find strength in knowing that they will soon be re-united.

... and to remember those who have lost loved ones and to hope they may find comfort.

Please forward this to as many of your friends as possible. If news spreads far enough, and we hope it does, then candles will be lit across the world throughout the day and our lads and lassies will know how much they are cared about.


1. Show support and appreciation for our Heros.

2. Remember those brave Heros we have lost.

3. Help their families to find strength.