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Not a day goes by I do not hear of another situation where a community is put into harms way because of one industry or another, one encroachment or another, or the loud and clear Federal Government position of "Representing the Best Interest of the Crown", (not the best interest of First Nations or our people.)

There is a clique, a fraternity of sorts, of people who do what I do. We meet and have an understanding of the burden the weight of this information carries, on our families and ourselves. "Pushing a wet cold noodle up a hill"

This network of people, now members of TIERS, can help those of us over worked and over burdened.

From the East Coast to the West Coast and all points in between there are horrendous stories of environmental disasters taking place on First Nation territories that will go untold unless we all share.

So I offer my tobacco, I ask, no I beg of you, please share these stories...There are other communities going though similar situations that feel isolated, alone, who need to know others are coping and how.

I envision this as an interactive group, one that can make a difference for those who can learn from our experiences.

Hydro Development, Power Lines, Herbicide and insecticide spraying, mining, encroachment by governments (local, provincial or federal), forestry, fishing, contamination of medicines and traditional foods, loss of traplines, loss of hunting territory, unrecognized Traditional Lands, Dump sites, Tar Sands development....etc, the list can go on and on.

I thank you for helping TIERs grow to 187 members and look forward to welcoming more.

Ron Plain

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