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Questions have been asked about personal choices and corporate responsibilities in regards "Green Buying" I will expand to include Tribal or Band purchase policies.

One clear fact is in some cases we cannot to live green. When a product costs .99 and the green alternative costs 4.99 it is difficult to say buy the green product. Most of us live paycheque top paycheque and that extra money is not affordable.

I am working with a few people to source natural or inexpensive homemade solutions and will post when found. If you know of some please submit here and or on the site.

All should have a NO STYROFOAM policy. There isn't a reason for the product and we need to remove it from out lives.

1) Understand what you are buying

2) What is in it

3) What are the environmental impacts of the product, crom creation to disposal

4) What is the personal/Health impacts of the product

5) Are there substitutes

6) what are the cost differences

Your Tribal Maintenance Manager is an amazing source of information, he/she knows what is going on throughout the lands and is responsible for the purchasing of the products that can make a big difference.

Input is always welcomed.


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