Working with First Nation Communities to Develop Their Strategy on Pollution and Their Environment

TIERs began by hosting a series of conferences for First Nation communities. We asked the participants to help us understand the issues facing each community.

That input lead to the development of Community Strategy on Pollution and The Environment Template.

The Strategy begins with TIERS working with 4 communities in the formation of Environmental Committees for each of the four. TIERs is working with the four communities to create a contract position for a New Environment Worker for each committee, funded by TIERs.

TIERs has the experience and expertise to help communities with issues from as broad as Consultation and Impact Benefit Agreements to confidential health based research programs.

1. http://tiers.environmentaldefence.ca

2. Every First Nation community has the capacity to address their issues, what they lack is the financial resources.

3. Every member of a community is impacted, therefore every voice needs to be heard

4. Our Decisions Today Will Impact 7 Generations From Now

5. TIERs is a non-government affiliated organization, a Program of Environmental Defence Canada