Closing Cause!!

The cause will be closing over the weekend so you only have a few more days to join the MySmallHelp group to keep up to date with what we're up to and how you can help!! Remember to find us on facebook and join up!! Thank You*

Closing Cause

This is to inform all members of the MySmallHelp Cause that we intend to close the cause and concentrate all our efforts into the Facebook Group. This is because it is easier to inform members of the group of updates and news regarding MySmallHelp than it is…Read More

Mysmallhelp cause

Hi Everyone, Thank you all for joining the Mysmallhelp cause. Our president has now set up the Mysmallhelp group and it is growing very fast. Please do check out the new updated and join the Mysmallhelp facebook group if you are not…Read More

Please help us to give them a Christmas that they will never forget.

Dear Mysmallhelp Sponsors and Friends, I am delighted to tell you that we have finally recieved our shipment of high quality turquoise Mysmallhelp T Shirts including Mysmallhelp logo and Mysmallhelp website on the back (as illustrated by the models in the…Read More
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