Arkansas Supreme Court ruling on Turk plant could come tomorrow

Possible we'll hear tomorrow. Would be tragic in many ways for this plant to go forward. Come on Supreme Court--do the right thing here. Stay tuned.

New print ad out today. Democrat Gazette. Statewide circulation. A-3

SWEPCO advertising, filled with much misinformation and more lie, much more prevalent of late. I'm sure with much more to come, probably including more aggressive media buy in for print, radio and TV statewide in weeks to come. Can't keep up with their deep…Read More

That Dog Won't Hunt Campaign to continue through Supreme Court Ruling

New "Stop Turk Coal Plant" online ads out with statewide print to follow. Core Message: Turk will not meet our Energy, Public Policy, or Economic Development needs. Turk is taking three giant steps backward for Arkansas any way you look at it. So at risk of…Read More

Amazing!!! Turk Rejected by Arkansas Court of Appeals. A great day for Arkansas!

Wow! The Arkansas Court of Appeals says state regulators didn’t adequately review plans for a $1.6 billion coal-fired power plant in Hempstead County and has rejected a permit allowing its construction. More at:…Read More

Stop Turk: Congressman Mike Ross on energy tonight

Anyone out there in the 4th district? Mike Ross will be taking calls in a "call-in town hall meeting" tonight at 7:00. Residents can connect toll-free by dialing (877) 229-8493 then entering code 14573. His topic: Energy. His spin will be purely pro coal and…Read More

email public service commission members today if you can

important that all PSC meembers know that Arkansas ratepayers need a real seat at the table. Please tell them. All contact info is on website on pleasae help page. Easy to dp. The Attorney General has dropped his formal objection to…Read More

Great sign: First national news inquiry about the Stop Turk Campaign

First national press inquiry about the campaign yesterday. Expect they will do some fact-checking, maybe look to get some comments from our elected leaders and SWEPCO and we will see something come of it. They had read the background document and I think they…Read More
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