To raise funds for cancer research and care - the money stays right here in Buffalo, NY for our family members and friends who need Roswell Park today and for those who will need it tomorrow.

This year I'm participating in The Ride For Roswell! It's on Saturday, June 27th, just 10 days before my 27th birthday! So... I thought, why not use my birthday to inspire people to give to Roswell Park!

I know you were all planning extravegant gifts for me this year, but I'll ask you to put that on hold. For my birthday this year, all I want is help in raising money for my Ride!

Please visit my personal fundraising page today at http://giving.roswellpark.org/NetCommunity/Page.aspx?pid=614&frsid=8140

Give anything you can! $5, $10, $20, $1,000! I'll take it all and know that every dollar counts in this important effort!

1. Cancer is not cool!

2. We hate cancer.

3. Let's work together to find cancer cures!