I just want to again thank all of you for your efforts and continued support. We are almost at 1,500 members. When we get to 1,500 members, I am going to start contacting our elected officials and try to prevent this from taking place again some place else.…Read More

Still Growing, Still need Help!!

The cause is still growing thanks to all of your efforts. Let's keep it going. We are over 1,000 strong now! I want all of you to help me in educating all eating establishments about our cause and asking them to pull Splenda from their tables. When you go out…Read More

Thanks For Boycotting Splenda

Thanks to all of you for your support in boycotting Splenda. Our cause has now reached 250 recruits! Let's keep it going and get the word out to as many potential recruits, as we can. Keep up the great work!! Vance Wood

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