To create a bear friendly community and stop the senseless destruction of black bears

The Sunshine Coast is Bear country, though we do not act like it is. We invite bears down to feast on our garbage only to shoot them as pests.

We can change the system. There is political will and laws in place that make this a real and accessible goal.

Join me in creating a Bear friendly Sunshine Coast so that we may be an example for other regions.

More than 20 bears were shot last year alone on the Coast! We can bring that number down to zero.

If we don't do something now, it is quite likely that we will be inviting Grizzly bears to our area within a few years, now thats a problem that we can do without.

Habituated bears can be dangerous, food conditioned bears worse. Our government has set up a garbage system that is leading to a dangerous environment for everyone.

Join me and we can make a difference.

1. To create a bear friendly solid waste management system

2. to educate residents and business on how to live with bears

3. to promote bears as a non agressive, important member of our habitat.