December 6, 2012

It is now just past 4 yrs with no invasive surgery! Koda just had his check-up appt with his pediatric neurosurgeon and his shunt is working great! He has definitely caught up on his growth.... he will be 9 yrs old on January 3 and he is already 5'4" and the…Read More


Well, its been 2 1/2 yrs since our last hospital stay, but he still suffers from today. It is painful for him but he is able to work through them. My little warrior !!! UPDATE #1 Well, it is Dec. 6 2012 and we are now on 4 yrs of being…Read More


Hey everyone! Well, everything is going great. Since his last big surgery with 3 shunt replacements and bilateral temporal decompressions, he has been exceptional! He has gone 1 yr and 4 mos without a complication.....longest since his diagnosis at 7 months…Read More


Well, Dakota is doing very well and running me ragged...nothing is keeping him down this summer!

Hey everyone

I just wanted to let everyone know that Dakota has his 6 month appointment with with pediatric neurosurgeon this Thursday. He has been doing very well -- knock on wood. His last revisions and surgeries were in November 2008, and as I stated earlier, that was…Read More


OMG !! I can't believe the support that Dakota is gettin Thank you so much for all the support and to all of you out there recruiting have no idea how much this means to me...... You are all beautiful!

Dakota's cause

I want to send a quick thanks to everyone who has joined so far.....I am still doing some checking on finding the right beneficiary for donations....I am taking alot of time with this because I want to be sure that any donations received with actually be…Read More
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