$2,000 towards Sustainable Communities

For the month of June we are promoting our Sustainable Communities Initiative! Encourage and help Native grassroots community-based projects striving for holistic community health and renewal by supporting traditional agricultural methods, renewable forms of…Read More

Live Native Pulse Special W/Host Chris Peters!

The Seventh Generation Fund welcomes you to log on tomorrow morning at 9PT on www.kmud.org for a live stream of Native Pulse Radio with host Chris Peters - President of the Seventh Generation Fund. Peters will be interviewing Shannon Rivers (Akimel O’otham)…Read More

Native Pulse is now Podcasting! www.nativepulseradio.com

Native Pulse Special Series - 7th Indigenous Uranium Summit Native Pulse Guest: John Redhouse John Redhouse has a long history of working on Native American issues such as civil rights, sacred site protection, and mining on Indian lands. In this interview,…Read More

Native Pulse Guest: Luis Macas - An Indigenous Leader in Ecuador and South America

Luis Macas Ambuludi (Saraguro) is the President and Founder of the Institute for Science and Indigenous Cultures in Quito, Ecuador and a Board Member of the Seventh Generation Fund. In this interview, Macas discusses the Issues facing the Indigenous Peoples…Read More

Native Pulse Guest: Suzane Harjo

Click hear to stream or download the program. http://www.box.net/shared/sqjhbmvl9v

Native Pulse Guest: Suzane Harjo

Visit our cause page to hear the latest Native Pulse Show with guest Suzan Harjo. http://apps.facebook.com/causes/289792/16895411?m=c20bb5a8

Native Pulse News Flash! Bullets Rain Down on Indigenous Protesters in Peru

The following 15 minute News flash was recorded on June 5th with Tupac Enrique, the day at least 35 indigenous people where gunned down in Bagua, Peru. Reports from Indigenous communities in the Bagua area suggest that some 200 people are still…Read More
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