As you all know the "Shame on Scholasticans..." was deleted.I don't how,but it's back.We have to act fast.If you've not reported this group yet.Please do it ASAP http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=47603955973   You guys know what you have to do. Further…Read More

Mission Successful

Alright dudes and dudettes. We have finally completed our mission.No more anti-scholastica groups.I'd like to thank all for your contribution to this cause.Really you guys are awesome.And for those who fought for us in the front lines(the ones that engaged in…Read More

Zusht Shekin

Hey guys it's been while,how are you all doing?Hopefully you are fine and none of you caught that damned swine flu.Well back to the official stuff you know,report the following groups or in this case group..etc.etc here's the…Read More

Possibly the last announcement

Greetings dudes and dudettes.It's been a while since the last announcement.Well this is to let you know that only 1 anti-scholastica group remains.The rest of them have been deleted.So I'd like to thank everyone for joining this cause and helping us achieve…Read More


Dudes and Dudettes this is just a reminder to you in case you haven't reported the remaining anti-scholastica groups.Just joining cause is not enough.You HAVE to do what is necessary if you really want the mission of this cause to be achieved. All you have to…Read More

making it EASIER

two groups have been closed down so far with your help. just two more left. 1.simply go to the 2 links…Read More

Gaining momentum

ALL RIGHT!!!1 group has been closed down.The minor 1s are no threat.That leaves out the big one.It's the largest,the most perverted and worst of them all.It's "Scholastica Suckz iN everYthing" If we can get rid of that one our mission is accomplished.Come on…Read More
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