Visions of a Better World Conference

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your continued support of the conference and for letting everyone know about it. The conference is less than 2 weeks away but there is still time to take advantage of the 50% discount for early registration. If you register…Read More

Visions of a Better World Conference Update

Well, I and my associate Naresh Jain were interviewed by Star Ledger reporter Richard Khavkine this morning. It was a great experinece and I enjoyed it. I wanted to update you all, especially those of you who are sponsors of the Visions of a Better World…Read More

Conference Update

Thank you to everyone who has joined this cause. I look forward to seeing you at the event. I have exciting news to share with you: I'm pleased to report that the Star Ledger is very likely to do a story on the Conference within the next few weeks. If you…Read More

New Society Publishers donates books.

New Society Publishers just donated a number of copies of the "Better World Shopping Guide" to the Visions of a Better World Conference! - Thanks, and thanks to SUN-TF board member Maureen Breen for arranging it.! Thanks for your support, Barbara

Can now accept donations

The Co-Create the Visions of a Better World Conference cause can now accept donations! Donations are set up to go the Spiritual Unity Network (SUN), a 501 (c) (3) non- profit, non-demoninational eduaction organization. The SUN is the parent company of the…Read More


Hello Everyone! Thank-you for joining the Co-create the Visions of a Better World Conferece Cause! I am working to allow this cause to accept donations. While our mother organization - the Spiritual Unity Network - is listed as a non-profit, there is a…Read More
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