Tell the Greeks that Ancient Macedonians are part of our history and the current Republic of Macedonia wants only the name and doesn't have territorial pretension towards its neighbour Greece!

Republic of Macedonia is a peaceful county and never in all this years of conflict about the name said that want to take part of Greece. Republic of Macedonia wants its name as it is not only because everyone recognizes this country by this name but also because it has a right and historical background to call it self like that!!!
So Greece don't be afraid we don't want your north part we just want our name and peaceful relations with all our neighbors!

1. Stop Greek's government pretensions to change the name of Republic of Macedonia and stop the country in entering in EU and NATO!

2. Stop Greek's government's propaganda and falsefying of History!

3. Alexander The Great was Macedonian, and he was born in Macedonia... and Macedonian citizens are calling him proudly "Александар Македонски"

4. Read people! Be more educated and informed on the very important matter and don't easily be under the Greeks influence on this matter!