New York Times publishes story on my JFK records lawsuit

Scott Shane's strong and balanced piece is now (Friday: 2:30 ET) on the front page of You can read it here: Maybe this will prompt the Obama administration to rethink its position.

CIA Due to Respond on JFK files

This afternoon I am awaiting the CIA's latest filing in my lawsuit seeking JFK assassination files. The filing is due in federal court in Washington today, Friday Sept. 11. The CIA will be responding to my Aug. 7 motion calling for full disclosure of files…Read More

Answer to Michael's JFK Question

Michael Flower of Corpus Christi sent me a nice email to the effect of Hi Jeff I have been an avid Kennedy assasination buff for many years, and followed your efforts to get the CIA to uncover the George Joannides file . Last I heard a judge had overruled…Read More

TPM on Morley v. CIA

Sorry to have been out of touch. I have been finishing my latest declaration in my lawsuit against the CIA for JFK records. Documenting the agency's erroenous and misleading statements to the court takes time. But I have filed the declaration and written a…Read More

Background to the Joannides FOIA lawsuit

Q. Why did I sue the CIA for the Joannides JFK files? A. Because the CIA blatantly lied to the JFK Assassination Records Review Board in 1998. It was the first (but not last) indication that the agency was not dealing in good faith. I explained how this…Read More

Obama's open government initiative and the Joannides files

Obama's Open Government Initiative is moving from the Brainstorming to the Discussion phase. The whole federal government is undergoing a technology fueled change in…Read More

Judges and CIA

Francesca wrote, "Surely the judges can't keep siding with the CIA forever?!" I don't think so. The Obama order will eventually force the CIA to change its FOIA position but they don't have to legally. That's because Obama's order was a statement of policy,…Read More

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