I would like to raise awareness and also provide support for so many others out there that feel alone like I have!!

I was diagnosed with CRPS/RSD back in Oct 2007, but was not told about it until Oct. 2008, I went through hell with doctors, mostof my family doesn't believe me. My goal here is to get a whole bunch of people that have this disorder to relate the stories that they have for the purpose of making a book, (any and all proceeds will go towards resarching to find a cure), that people can read and feel like there not alone. I know i felt alone and i don't want other people to go through what i and many others have gone through. I have been recently told by my family doctor, who I have had throughout this disorder, that I need pain medication so that I could sell it!!!! so if you would like to share your stories or tips on how you have dealt with RSD, then let me know and together we can make this book possible.

1. it tends to hit women between 40-60 yearsof age

2. 15,000 canadians are diagnosed each year.

3. 50% of cases go undiagnosed in the united states

4. There is NO CURE, just treatments

5. On the Mcgill Pain scale (which is out of 50) cancer is 26, labour pain is 35, RSD is 42!!!!