Please help recruit more members to our 100

Dear Members and Supporters, Thank you for being a part of our cause, which is dedicated to feeding hungry shelter animals all over the country. I am sending you this message in an attempt to bolster further support for our truly noble cause. You all may…Read More

1,500 members! Congrats, and an address to the members.

So we're only what, about one and a half years into the formation of this cause and we've already hit yet another milestone. 1,500 members. This influx of members, especially between the last 3-4 months in this cause, has been incredibly impessive, and this…Read More

1-Year Anniversary! Thank you!

Dear Members, CONGRATULATIONS ON ONE YEAR OF MAKING A REAL DIFFERENCE! I apologize for not being able to post this 1-year anniversary address on our actual 1-year anniversary. I have been sick with upper-respiratory illnesses. In any event, though I'm…Read More


It's October, and you know what's spooky? Halloween. But do you know what's amazing? The fact that we started this cause less than a year ago, and we've recruited 603 members (the number that I see as I'm writing/posting this announcement. It's amazing to…Read More

500 MEMBERS, and How We Helped Hurricane Victims!

FIVE HUNDRED MEMBERS! If I could insert fireworks here, I would. In addition to landing on another milestone, I'd like to add that Since Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, some of the donations raised by your daily clicks were re-routed to help the animals who were…Read More

450 Members Reached!

Well, it's another day, and another milestone we've reached: 450 members. I've said it before, but I have to drive this home to every member: You are the reason that this campaign to help animals has been so successful. Without you, and your support, and…Read More

Congratulations! A Cause of 400 Members!

Dear Members, I am pleased to note that due to all of your support and working to invite people to this noble cause, that today, we reached FOUR HUNDRED MEMBERS. For a cause that started less than a year ago, to have 400 members already is a true blessing…Read More
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