If you haven't already, please check this out and recruit your friends, family, neighbors, etc!!!


Here's the latest. Hamedah's attorney is appealing the latest court decision. We have it on good authority that Hamedah should not submit her presidential commutation application until she hears about this appeal. If she does, her application could be denied…Read More

Actions now and to come

Dear All, Hamedah is now considering all the possible actions she might take in the wake of yesterday's tragic decision. In the coming days, there will be many opportunities for action and a concerted strategy will emerge, likely an energetic push for…Read More


Dear All, I just received word that the judge who granted Hamedah's motion (and thus her release) has changed her mind. Hamedah's eagerly anticipated homecoming is now being delayed once again. Those of us who love and support Hamedah are of course crushed,…Read More

Hamedah Freed!

Dear All, Thank you for supporting Hamedah Hasan over these past days and weeks. I am overwhelmed with joy to share the news this evening that Hamedah will be released from prison on Monday or Tuesday after 16 years away from her family. In the end, it was…Read More

Thank you!

Thank you everyone for joining this cause. Hamedah is currently getting all of her ducks in a row to submit her presidential commutation request within the next month. There will soon be tasks that she/we will ask you to complete. Stay tuned!
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