Promote early screening for Breast Cancer


Michelle's Angels was formed in 2005 by Tiffany Barber to support her sister, Michelle Bynum, and other women like her, who were diagnosed with breast cancer in the prime of their lives. Like so many young women, Michelle was misdiagnosed for two years by her OBGYN doctor.

For years, she was told that the lump was nothing, just changes in her breast or milk. After breast feeding her infant son, Reid, Michelle demanded a mammogram to get a closer look at the lump she had been feeling. Her doctor’s words "You are too young...the techs will laugh…" were, unfortunately, vert wrong. She was diagnosed with stage 3C breast cancer and spent three years in treatment (chemo-therapy, radiation, mastectomy and reconstruction). The cancer seemed to be in remission, but, 2008, it returned in the form of metastatic breast cancer, now in her bones, liver and chest. There was no need for Michelle's story to be like this.

Michelle's Angels walk to raise awareness that breast cancer is a disease of women old, and young alike. They walk in honor of those currently fighting, and, in memory of those who fought valiantly and are no longer with us, and as a reminder that there is a happy, wonderful life after a cancer diagnosis. Michelle's Angels has raised over $57,000 for breast cancer treatment, research and awareness to find a cure to this deadly disease.

I don't want to waste my cancer.
I’ve worked hard to look for silver linings to this hand of cards I’ve been dealt. If my story can attract attention to the cause, or get someone to seek a second opinion, a mammogram or a biopsy, then we are making headway. I hope my story will inspire someone to live life to the fullest, get active (if I can do it, ANYONE can do it!) or put their problems into perspective.


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