Ghana and democracy: A success story

IF anyone visits Ghana there is one thing that he or she will easily recognise: freedom of speech and respect for other people's opinions. Thanks to the path taken by His Excellencies Jerry Rawlings, John Kuffour and Attah Mills Ghanaians now enjoy the freest…Read More

Supporting Democracy in Africa

Democracy is not just a word. It is the wheel through which both the poor and the rich are given the opportunity to influence decisions that affect their lives including education, jobs, electricity, housing, transportation, and all the freedoms known to…Read More

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Djibouti demand democracy

Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Djibouti demand democracy from their autocratic leaders. Since January protests after protests have rocked north African states of Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya. The protesters embraced jet fighters, helicopter gunships, armoured…Read More

Africa for Democracy

Steadily Africa is taking a bold stand towards Democracy. But there are still challenges ahead. In some countries people still do not have the right to elect their leaders. Please invite YOUR FRIENDS to join Africa for Democracy and let us help to promote…Read More

Ghana: Making Sense of our Democracy

The status of Ghana as an emerging democracy has been acknowledged the world over. The opposition New Patriotic Party’s unprecedented flagbearership election on August 7, 2010 that saw the re-election of Nana Akuffo Addo as the party’s candidate for the 2012…Read More

How do we bring peace to Somalia so the rebuilding can begin?

Since 1990s Somalia has been a country without a central administration. The country has been ruled by warlords, religious groups, and thugs. The Africa Union is providing peacekeeping but it seems there is no peace to keep as Mogadishu and other towns…Read More

Vote counting under way in Guinea after election

Hello, You remember last September 157 people were killed in Guinea when they demonstrated and asked for democracy to be reinstated in the country. Well after more 52 years the people are going to th polls to elect their leaders. Electoral officials in…Read More
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