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Well Friday night the Lombard Moose Riders are having are second annual home coming party. Saturday is are Blessing of the bikes at Moose heart. Come on out and have a $6.00 pasta dinner and a few cold drinks with the Moose riders. 328 W Roosevelt RD. Lombard…Read More

thank you all

I love seeing this grow more and more. I started this after hearing about a string of bikers getting run down in a short amount of time here in IL. Lets spread the word we will not stand for this shit any more! Kill a biker you go to jail! No more oh i didnt…Read More

Fellow riders around NW Ind and the greater Chicagoland area

I would just like you all to let me what rides and events you are attending. I would real like to come out and meet some of my fellow riders. Leave a comment and let me know whats going on and were I should be this season.

May 15 Moose Heart's 7th annual blessing of the bikes

Come on out and ride with the Lombard Moose riders 2350. The chapter that started this great event. We will be meeting at the Lombard lodge were we will have a 5$ all you can eat breakfast buffet. We will be pulling out at 9am sharp. Last pack out for the…Read More

Time to ride!

Hope every one has been out on some of the nicer days we've had aqround the windy city.

Hope you all had a good holiday season.

In a few short months it will be time to get out the old leathers pull the cover off the old scooter and get out in hit the open road. I wish all of you a safe and great season. Hope to see some of the local Chicago land riders come out and support some of…Read More

Just wanted to thank every one for joining in on this.

We need to star leting people know in traffic that we will not stand for tailgaters or people cutting us off use your voice through a spark plug do some thing to let them know we are not messing around! The cops dont help lawmakers dont help its time to take…Read More
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