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Brandnew Charity T-Shirt "Gullyside College" - designed by SKANK

Support HELP Jamaica! and get your first-class Charity T-Shirt (100% organic cotton) designed by Swedish quality fashion label SKANK!

100% of the proceeds go straight to HELP Jamaica! and will be used to establish our education center in Cassava Piece. Reconstruction of the building has begun and the Cassava Piece Education Center will open doors within the course of this year!

You can support it by buying this Charity T-Shirt and by representing for HELP Jamaica!

Buy it, wear it, share it (the news, not the shirt ;-)) ... we ship worldwide!

You can get the Charity Shirt at the following online shops:

no matter where you buy it - all benefits are going completely to HELP Jamaica!

Nuff respect and thanks to the SKANK label!

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