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State of Emergency - and now Jamaica?

HELP Jamaica! is shocked about the present situation in Jamaica and wishes to express condolences to all Jamaicans who have lost family members and friends in the disastrous incidents of the last days.

Since May 23rd, Jamaica is in a dramatic state of emergency. The government had finally accepted the request pending since August 2009 to extradite Christopher “Dudus” Coke, who is wanted in the US for his alleged key position in the gun-drug-trade. A joint military and police operation in Tivoli Gardens, the community known as Coke’s stronghold which is as well part of the constituency of the Prime Minister Bruce Golding ended in a bloodshed. Subsequently, deadly conflicts flared up in the corporate area of Kingston and St. Andrew. The security forces announced continuation of the operation for Monday, large sections of West Kingston are under curfew...

The country in which 1680 murder cases had been registered in 2009 is now in an even more unstable condition leaving everybody worried about the future developments - especially given the history of entanglements between politics, the business world and the criminal elements in the country. The situation in Jamaica became topic in the international media and subject of many theories, discussions and speculations about the background and the best way to handle the present situation.

HELP Jamaica! tries to keep up with the manifold and sometimes conflicting information on the developments of the last days. More information on the current state of affairs can be found on the websites of the two main Jamaican newspapers Jamaican Observer and the The Gleaner and social networks like “News on the Ground” on Facebook.

The urgent need for educational programs which create opportunities and chances for children especially from the ghetto areas in Jamaica has now become even more visible. HELP Jamaica! will continue its mission to provide free access to books, computers, various creative courses and counseling, especially in the most needy inner city areas. Let us come together and help set better chances for the yutes - for a better Jamaica!

If you wish to support our efforts please have a look in the “how to support” section of our website and find out how you could get involved to do something positive in this serious times and join us in our efforts – Education For A Change!

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