Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica!

HELP Jamaica! stands for Help Establish Library Projects in Jamaica! and is a registered non profit organisation in Germany. We have recently registered a local Jamaican partner organisation and together we aspire to build Libraries and Education Centers in needy communities in Jamaica. Free access to books and computers, skilled and caring staff to help learn and establish proper reading- and computer-skills are a necessity for success in school and life and help to encourage creativity, talent, hope, ambition and excellence. We believe in inspiration and qualification as a means to break the circle of frustration – Education For A Change!

We are now looking for cooperation-partners and supporters on various levels. From a small donation, by supporting us through media coverage, TV, print or radio advertisement, your blogs, websites and forums or maybe even entering a long-term cooperation and sponsorship agreement – everything is possible!
HELP Jamaica and spread the word!!!

1. Education For A Change!!

2. We support and build libraries and computer centers in needy communities in Jamaica!

3. www.helpjamaica.org