Ensure that literary journals, one of America's oldest forms of publication, continue to be a part of American life.

As literary journals across the United States are being asked to support themselves financially, it becomes more and more important for readers of literary journals to show their support by subscribing, by sitting down to be counted. We challenge you to subscribe to one literary journal a month for the next year --- or at least one literary journal in the next year --- to ensure that one of America's oldest forms of publications remains a robust and continuing part of American culture and American life.

See: http://www.insidehighered.com/news/2009/05/14/ner


1. The literary journal is one of the oldest forms of publication in the United States.

2. Literary journals are indispensable conduits by which our most talented writers find their reading publics.

3. Yet, literary journals are increasingly imperiled by declines in subscription support and institutional support.

4. The challenge: subscribe to one literary journal each month for the next year.