Girl population falls across Mumbai, experts blame sex selection

MUMBAI: The city has undergone a sea change in recent years but its societal attitudes have stubbornly stayed the same. A ward-level analysis of the latest Census data reveals that 20 of Mumbai's 24 municipal wards experienced a decline in child sex ratio…Read More

Amartya Sen: India must focus on its women

India should learn from neighbouring Bangladesh about how to tap the energy of women in its efforts to spur development, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Amartya Sen. China also provides a valuable model of how the state - long held in low esteem…Read More

India's 60 million women that never were

60 million women - that's nearly the entire population of the United Kingdom - are missing in India. Why? Sunny Hundal is the author of the recently released e-book, India Dishonoured: Behind a Nation's War on Women and is a regular contributor to the…Read More

The daughter’s return A glimmer of hope in the sad tale of sex-selective abortion in India

The daughter’s return A glimmer of hope in the sad tale of sex-selective abortion in India Dec 31st 2011 | from the print edition THE march of sex-selective abortion in Asia seems relentless. Not every society adopts the practice, but those that do—and they…Read More

Proper sex ratio=happiness=economic growth

Simply Economics | Manas Chakravarty Economists Ben Li and Yi Lu say that happiness has “a positive causal effect on economic growth.” Happy workers, they find, are more productive workers. So far so good. But the researchers go further: they find that sex…Read More

Female Punjabi reporter who exposed the ugly side of her culture deserves appreciation

By Gurpreet Singh Toronto: The Toronto Star reporter, who exposed the ugly side of the Indian culture in a sting operation, deserves appreciation. Raveena Aulakh had bought the illicit pills that are supposed to bring baby boys to the expectant mothers from…Read More

Delhi female births rise hailed

Changes in the heartland of northern India!!! Of course, the full picture is to emerge but encouraging trend and a possible solution! Financial incentive can be the solution.... Read on... India's capital, Delhi, recorded more female than male births during…Read More
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