The Wisdom Trust creates more awareness about the big issues affecting the future of our planet (e.g. poverty, environment & health) and donates 70% of its income to other charitable causes worldwide.


The Wisdom Trust is a fully registered charity in England and Wales (number 1112323). Although still relatively new, we're already reaching out and making an impact around the world.

Our main aim is to help create a wider awareness about the important issues affecting the future of our planet, especially poverty, environment and health. We also provide hundreds (if not thousands) of simple eco-tips and health-tips on the website which everyone can apply in their own lives to reduce their impact on the environment and improve their own health too.

Alongside that main objective, we also raise money via our website - through advertising and through various affiliate agreements - at no cost or inconvenience to our members. We then donate up to 70% of this fund to support the work of other charities and good causes, on every continent. Our members vote to help decide which organisations get a share of the fund each quarter - and how how much.


Working together - globally or otherwise - is not easy. It takes a deeply shared vision, commitment, and a lot of communication: meaningful conversation about who we are, where we've come from, and what we are now called to do. Through conversation we expand our perspective and find the inspiration, commitment, and wisdom we need to move forward, together.

It is said that a few good men can make a difference. We believe that an army of good people can work miracles. So invite all your friends, family and colleagues to join our cause and let's start to work together right away to make the world a better place for everyone.

Working together effectively we can do so much more, and achieve bigger and better results. To us, networks aren't just about wires and cables - we believe in a true sense of connectivity and community. So creating more friendship, goodwill and understanding across all borders is right at the core of our mission.


Get involved today. Sign up on the website and do a little bit every day. Start small, think big and make a difference - and come on a journey to wisdom with us. Then tell all your friends, family and colleagues to sign up so they can do the same. Oh, and finally, make sure your own favourite charity or good cause (whatever it is) is listed on our website so we can help you raise funds for that as well.

1. Get Involved Today & Make a Difference:

2. http://www.wisdom4all.co.uk/register.php?ref=1006284

3. It's so easy to register as a friend of The Wisdom Trust. Start Small - Think Big - Make A Difference!

4. http://www.wisdom4all.co.uk/register.php?ref=1006284

5. Do a Little - Help a Lot - Just 5 minutes a day on our website can contribute a lot to our cause and help make a big difference all over the world.