As consumers and voters we have enough power to affect buisness practices and even government regulations. If each individal Boycotts Palm oil, we are one step closer to saving an amazing species.

Primates need our help if they are going to survie beyond this centry. I encourage you to get involved any way you can.

50% of the worlds original rainforest remain. Forest ecosystems store more then double the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere today. Thus, unless we can half the distruption of the rainforest our own future - as well as that of the primates and other species in the forest will be in jeopardy as a result in climit change.

Palm oil is now one of the most popilar types of vegtable oil used in the modern world. Palm oil has been used in a small number of products for years but its demainds as a fasion ingrediant has increased dramatically over the last five years. it is now used in 10% of products we buy - food, cosmectics and now bio oil.

what is palm oil?

- An oil extracted from palm fruit plant
- Its produced mainly in Borneo but is found around most of Asisa. its also farmed in small parts of europe
- It can be grown on dead soil
- It can be used less ways then sunflower oil
- it is added to products to pro-long shelf life

Whats wrong with palm oil?

- Palm oil from ethical traders is ok, but very few are
- It is farmed manily on the forest land of Borneo which results in extrem de-foreststation
- deforestation results in the loss of lives both people and animals.
- The lack of trees results in extrem climet change alround the world
- Palm plants distroy soil so no more life can live or grow were these plantasions lie
- Palm oil is being used by the Borneon government as an excusse to cut down trees for illiagal logoing or slash and burn, again resulting in the loss of lives
- animals are unable to live off the palm oil plantations

What happens to the animals?

Many animals fall victim to the below, but the species that is known to be most at risk is the orangutang, one of our closes relatives. This stunning species shares 98% of our DNA and is much like us right down to the emotions it feels.

- bernt to death during the slash and burn or set alite to get RID them out the way.
- stabed and left to die alone
- cort up and cagged
- sold for food resulting in a long and painful death
- mother orang-utangs are oftern killed right infront of their infants (remember they have the same feelings as we do), people then try to pull the babies off the mothers stomach. if the babies painic and grab titer they have their hands and feet cut off, then are sold as pets and tormented for fun.
- body parts are sold to unknowing torest
- some end up being beaten, have teath taken out and druged so torest can hav theuir photos next to them
- many femal orang-utangs many are druged, shaved, tied to a bed and used a prostitutes - see cause pic
- The lucky ones end up in rescue centres that are extremly over crouded
- In just 50 years time the only orang-utangs alive will be the ones in conservation centres.

SO all that for what? LONG SHELF LIFE!?!

- when you buy a produce that contains palm oil you pay for the countiuing suffering of Orangutans.
- Many companys use Palm oil but legally label it as 'vegtable oil' making it incredibly difficult to know what your buying.
- The co-op and Asda are the biggest supermarkets which have signed the Ethical wager. so although they use palm oil it is sourced from out side of Asisa in a substanibly manor.
- Lush took a major step forward in refusing to use any kind of palm oil in any of it products, aswell as reguarly advertising its negitive effect.

Its easy to tern a blind eye when this is happening far from home. But the issue of plam oil is not that simple. EVERYONE in the UK and around the world is having an effect on Orangutans, everytime you go to the supermarket and orangutans life is in your hands. YOU PAY FOR IT = YOU KILL THEM.

I encourage you to write to the companys containing Palm oil