Lets Raise It Up!

Comrades and Fellow Friends, You've joined this cause to make a CHANGE! You've joined this cause because you BELIEVE! You've joined this cause because you SUPPORT! NOW show your action!!!!!!!! Purchase a calendar..... Let your donation to this cause be a…Read More

Joining my cause

Hello Brothers and Sisters, Words do not describe how much joy I feel that you have elected to join my cause. I know that you support the movement and everything to liberate the oppressed. My film will go into detail about my life. I would love for each of…Read More

Production Underway NOW!

Kindly donate $30 towards this cause that you so graciously support. Visit the website, www.fieldup.com, and hit the donate button. The proceeds will go towards the film of my life in the BPP and BLA. We need your help NOW!

We're Over 100

We are reaching high in numbers. Today we reached over 100 members. That is very pleasing. Look at this way... If EVERYONE donates his/her $30 for the calendar today, we would have raised $3000.00. That would be a great start. With that type of funding, we…Read More

Donate To The Cause

Thus far, we have over 85 members who believe in this cause. With those numbers and more to come, we could have a sizeable donation to contribute to the film. Guess what that means? -YOU would be contributing to the making of A Power Sun. -YOU would know…Read More
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