Hi Everyone! Please join me on the fan page Smile Across Your Heart. Smile Across Your Heart is a journey into your heart. It's a journey of unconditional love, trust, Truth, faith, joy, beauty, and peace. I look forward to seeing you there! Thank…Read More

Mesage for Say Yes to Evolving Consciousness

Theme for the month, "Unconditional Love." Intention: Say, "I ask and intend to be a model of unconditional love rather than a model of fear, anger or anything else for that matter." It doesn’t mean we are going to be perfect but it means we are focused…Read More

Fine Tuning Your Vision From the Inside- 10 min. meditation daily

This is a great time to sit quiet and meditate on what is best for you in all areas of your life, and release anything that doesn't serve your highest good. The intention for the next couple of weeks is to commit to a daily 10 minute meditation practice. If…Read More

New Message

Dear Say Yes to Evolving Consciousness Group, How are you? This week, if you choose to participate, we are going to focus on actually thanking and sending love to our body. Many people spend a lot of time complaining during an illness or when in pain but we…Read More

Weekly thought for group

This week, lets practice not saying anything negative about anyone. I know you can do this! This also includes yourself, no negative self talk either for one week. If a negative thought pops in your head about someone, ask yourself, "Is my thought the type…Read More

Group Intention for Yes to Evolving Consciousness

Everthing begins within us. If we want to expand our network of friends, customers, increase self love, relationships, romantic partners, we must look inward and expand our capacity to love. My interest for the group this week is love. (love of self, and…Read More

This week for our cause ...

People love to be around people that really like them. They can feel this authentic support and it lifts them up and carries them through their day. Lets go through our week and decide to focus on the beauty in others and see them light up. And, focus on…Read More
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