To educate students about the dangers of internet child predators, those who are involved with child pornography and other cyber criminals exploiting our youth and engaging in online solicitation.

Every day 77 million children use the internet and, of children ages 10-17, one out of every seven will be sexually solicited online. In 2007, Bill McCollum, the Florida Attorney General, debuted his CyberSafety Education Program at middle and high schools across the state, educating students about the risks of and tactics used by online predators as well as what constitutes a cybercrime and how to report it. In 2009, the program continues to raise awareness and promote safe surfing. Join our CAUSE and help us raise awareness, no matter where you live!

In Florida, here are our CyberSafety Presentations numbers (If you would like to receive a free presentation at your school, please let us know):

2009/2010 School Year:
155,181* students reached
2,699* reported victimization
*Stats as of 02/26/2010

2008/2009 School Year:
300,370 students reached
8,782 reported victimization

2007/2008 School Year:
138,684 students reached
7,334 reported victimization

More about our office:

The Office of the Attorney General has consistently prioritized education and community outreach efforts to protect Florida's Children. Our Child Predator CyberCrime Unit includes law enforcement investigators and prosecutors whose primary mission is to target child predators, child pornography, and Internet-based sexual exploitation of children. The investigators and the prosecutors in the Unit are specially trained in current technologies, tactics, and the law, and share their expertise through educational programs and community awareness efforts.

For more information on CyberSafety and Safe Surfing, please visit our website at the link below:


1. To raise awarness about the risks of and tactics used by online predators.

2. To educate students on what constitutes a cybercrime.

3. To educate students on how to report a cybercrime.

4. To promote the Cyber Safety Education Program of Florida Attorney General, Bill McCollum.