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Stephanie Cole's Book is getting finalized...

Hello Fellow Bereaved parents:
Stephanie Cole of the Sweet Pea Project is finalizing her book. Please stop by and check out her page for the book, her blog and the sweet pea project. Her poetry helped me get through the early days of my bereavement.
Jen Holloman

here is the fb page:!/pages/Still/118428334863904

here is a link to her beauty in the breakdown art page:

Here is a poem that helped me so much after my baby died:


This house is so quiet.
I hate it.
I want noise.
I want to hear my baby’s cries.
It’s just my own cries that keep me up at night now.
Sometimes I feel this urge,
this overwhelming need
to just scream
to break the silence.
I don’t have peace and I don’t want quiet.
So I scream
so loud it worries the neighbors
and hurts my throat.
But I don’t care what the neighbors think.
And I kind of like the hurt.
So I scream,
from the bottom of my broken heart
and shattered soul,
for how wrong this is.
For my daughter.
For the life she never got to live.
For the lives she never got to touch.
For her eyes that never saw my face.
Pretty eyes I never got to see.
I scream and I scream and I scream.
To hurt my throat

To end the silence.

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