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International Babylost day

Hello Emmet Foundation Members:
I just got this email from Stephanie Cole, of teh Sweet Pea Project this am- well pm I just woke up.... LOL. Please share with your friends who have lost a baby- and show them you will never forget their baby. A friend of mine put it most aptly- a lost baby always means the most to the mother. She will always remember.

Reach out to a mom today.
Lots of love,
Jen Holloman

Today is International Babylost Mothers Day.

Today we recognize babylost women all over the world as mothers. Just because a woman loses her first baby does not mean that she is not a mother anymore. She will be a mother for the rest of her life.

On this special day in May we come together to celebrate our connection, our children and our hope for the future.

Today is a day for love, peace, remembrance and recognition.

If you know a babylost woman, please visit this link: and grab one of Carly's gorgeous flowers to send as a reminder that she is a beautiful mother.

And if you are one yourself, today is your day and the flower attached to this email is for you.

For more information on this special day, please visit

I wish you the most beautiful of days, in remembrance of your child and mine.


Stephanie Cole
Sweet Pea Project

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