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Posted By: Sabrina McIntyre
To: Members in The Big Push for Midwives Campaign - Certified Professional Midwives NOW
MA Need you TODAY!! Please take a moment to read this.
Dear Friends, The Mass Midwifery Bill urgently needs your help. Here's what's going on: Right now our bill is stuck. The MA legislative leadership hasn’t scheduled the bill for a vote in its current committee, Health Care Finance. If the bill isn't voted on by Wednesday, April 28 – that's just a few short work days from now – it will "die" and 1.4 million MA families will still not have the access to midwives that families in other states do. This is the last year that nurse midwives and homebirth midwives can work with consumers as part of a united team because of governance changes affecting nurse midwives at the national level. If you’ve called to support the bill before, our thanks. If you’ve wanted to call to voice your support and haven’t, the time is NOW! To make sure the Midwifery bill doesn't die in committee, please call your MA Senator and Representative TODAY, TOMORROW, or any day THIS WEEK or early NEXT WEEK. The message is simple: Please ask your MA Senator or Representative to contact Health Care Finance Chair Harriett Stanley, asking her to favorably report on the bill, Senate 2341. If you want to read the bill, text call be found at

Take a moment NOW to call your MA legislators, letting them know that Midwifery in important to you and asking them to reach out to Chairman Stanley to FAVORABLY report the bill out of her committee. Here’s where you can find out who your MA State Senator and Rep. are:

Together, we are a powerful force for women and families!-- Ann, Jen, Jim, Bridget and the team ***Please forward this email to your friends, family, and to all other lists! Thank you!!!
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